The Project in Australia

This is a turnkey project in Australia for growing strawberries.  The "Topaz" greenhouses, with a 6.4 meter span, cover an area of approximately 4 dunam.  

We assisted the client in selecting the most suitable products for growing strawberries and provided full agronomic accompaniment in order to ensure successful results.

Prior to constructing the project, we made certain that the structure would be capable of bearing the trellising loads. The Azrom engineering department designed a unique system for trellised strawberries (as illustrated in the photographs) with overhead, hanging encasements.

In addition, netting and coverings were adapted to suit the crops, as there are certain qualities in the coverings that are imperative for a successful strawberry yield.  The greenhouses were equipped with automated sidewall curtains, for increase ventilation.  In addition, a thermal screen was installed to maintain internal heat and to provide shading against harmful radiation.  Additional equipment included 24" air blowers and heaters, in order to maintain appropriate temperature levels for the crops.

The harvesting carts were designed together with Azrom agronomists, in order to ensure the most efficient and effective harvesting method.  In addition, Azrom supplied special coco peat media for growing strawberries and designed a special electrical panel for connecting all of the different systems together.