Electricity System

To complete the Turnkey Project, we design a comprehensive electricity system in order to supply sufficient electricity to all of the systems installed in the greenhouse.

The electricity system is designed in accordance with the strictest standards due to the following conditions present in the work environment:

  • High humidity
  • Dampness
  • Exposure to chemicals and fertilizers
  • An agricultural environment
  • Varying infrastructures, in accordance with the area, the country and the local standards, such as the supply of electricity, varying electrical currents and underdeveloped infrastructures.

The electricity system is comprised of high quality components and is supplied as a complete, comprehensive system with all of the accessories required for installation, including:  net canals, fasteners, protected panels, electronic safety switches, and detailed electricity plans.

Recommendation:  In areas with poor a electrical infrastructure, it is imperative to provide backup electrical power by means of an emergency generator.

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