About Azrom

AZROM is the leading Israeli company specializing in the design, engineering and production of greenhouses that suit all crop requirements and climatic conditions, in Israel and in more than 45 countries worldwide.

AZROM specializes in the implementation of Turnkey Projects that include feasibility studies, consultation regarding the choice of structure, area location, supply of infrastructure and greenhouse equipment, as well as irrigation, fertilization and climate control systems, installation, instruction of agro-technology growing methods and long-term service.

AZROM greenhouses are the result of 35 years of hands- on experience and the extensive knowledge of expert engineers working closely with farmers, agricultural research institutes and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

This vast knowledge and experience has made AZROM the major supplier of greenhouses in Israel, with worldwide annual sales of more than 600 hectares.

AZROM, world-class expert in all aspects of greenhouse equipment and advanced agro-technology, is totally committed to supporting customers directly from company headquarters in Israel, as well as through local subsidiaries strategically located around the world.

Farmers and growers throughout the world know that AZROM Greenhouses, together with extensive support and professional service, provide the optimal conditions for increased quality yields and profitability.