The story behind Azrom begins in 1959 with Mr. Itzhak Cohen, who started off as a welder and metalworker. Thanks to his charisma and vision of the future, Cohen's small, backyard welding workshop developed into a world renowned factory.

During its first sixteen years of operation, through 1975, the factory specialized in the manufacture of structures such as chicken coops, packing houses, cow sheds and pig pens.  Since then and to date, Azrom's activities have been focusing on the designing, the development and the production of greenhouses, tunnels and net houses. 

In addition, the company has developed a variety of supplementary systems geared towards improving agricultural yields in greenhouses.  Towards the end of the 1970's Azrom became an international company and over the years, it has captured a most respectable place on the global scene.

Over the years, Azrom established branches around the world in order to render better and more effective local services.

Past experience and accumulated knowledge provide Azrom with its fundamental strength and help to make the company a recognized leader in its field.