Research and Characterization

In order to ensure the supply of innovative and quality products, we are constantly involved in research and development.  Azrom allocates a great amount of resources towards the adaptation of its greenhouses to suit the needs of every market and every country around the world.  We work diligently to develop a variety of innovative and quality products for our clients.

Our new models are characterized by larger air vents, greater amounts of light transmission, especially wide gables, greater air volumes, the ability to bear trellising burdens, as well as the weight of snow and hail, and to withstand high gusts of wind.


Azrom greenhouses are designed according to the Israeli Greenhouse Standard and in accordance with international standards.

The prime objective of Azrom's R&D Department is to development greenhouses, tools and systems that will enable farmers to achieve optimal yields on a given surface area.  Among other Azrom achievements, we are particularly proud of our innovative development of the greenhouse with an 11.2 meter span.  Thousands of dunams of this model have been sold around the world.

Azrom greenhouses give farmers much more:

  • Increased agricultural output
  • Structural strength and stability
  • Optimal micro climate conditions in the greenhouse
  • Savings on construction costs
  • Attractive prices
  • Efficiency and savings on logistics

Press here to view the Coral Greenhouse with an 11.2 meter span