At Azrom, we follow a number of principles that serve as a constant guide:

  • Different climate conditions and different types of crops require different approaches – each being individual and qualitative in nature.
  • Each and every project, anywhere in the world, must be treated individually and specifically, beginning with the initial characterization stage that includes an examination of the climate conditions and a selection of the crops that are suitable, through the planning of the various greenhouse systems: irrigation, cooling, heating, trellising and control systems – all with the accompaniment of a professional agronomist.
  • Regardless of whether the solution is simple or if it is a complex and sophisticated one, only a comprehensive solution can serve as the perfect response to the client's needs.
  • In the end, the goal is to create an ideal growing environment for producing higher and more qualitative yields at more reasonable costs.
  • Challenges are the key to striving for excellence.
  • Continuous growth and the development of new products and solutions are the keys to successful results, for the benefit of our clients.