Working towards a Green Environment

At Azrom, we strive to maintain a balance with nature and accordingly, we believe:

  • Nature's treasures are our most precious and most valuable resources.  The preservation of nature is among our top priorities and we are continually investing efforts geared towards protecting and preserving natural resources.
  • The use of greenhouses in general, and the use of efficient greenhouses in particular, contribute to the ecologic balance of nature by enabling a real and significant savings on water – a uniquely valuable resource.
  • The use of protective netting, which prevents the infiltration of insects and other pests into the production area of the greenhouse, significantly reduces the need for using pesticides that contaminate natural resources.
  • The geometric structure of the greenhouse creates a micro climate within the greenhouse that allows for natural ventilation.  This results in significant savings on energy costs as the use of artificial heating or cooling systems is not necessarily required.
  • Proper planning of each project, control mechanisms and recycling are some of the tools geared towards savings, both for the client and the environment.